Wednesday, February 4, 2015

transitional spring wardrobe: 4th Trimester

I'm on a mission to find some cute, affordable clothing to wear during the horrific 4th trimester.

 I'm going to do my best to wait at least a month before trying to go shopping for clothes; I'll be wearing sweatpants and maternity tops probably, but here's what's been on my mind lately. I'm so starved for non-maternity clothes, shirts without ruching and regular jeans with no stretchy belly panel! I'm going to be nursing my Little Guy no. 2 hopefully, but I hate, hate, hate designated nursing clothes--so I'm going to skip that. It worked really well with Little Guy #1 to wear a shaper cami under tees for more coverage to avoid flashing my flabby post-baby belly to the world.

 Some of this I already have, like the drapey white button down, chambray shirt, cute patterned flats, amazing baby bag and the gray dress, but my wardrobe will need a MAJOR overhaul. And I have a few stipulations: comfort, nursing-friendly, washbility,and seasonless-ness (is that a word?) because I want to be able to wear most of these pieces during the hot, hot Georgia summer and early fall. Obviously I would swap out the pants for shorts and there won't be a need for a leather jacket.

postpartum/transitional spring wardrobe
-One great black leather moto jacket. I'm really lusting after a black leather jacket--I have a brown one I've worn and loved and worn and loved for 5 years, but it's starting to look worn and beat. Plus, the brown is starting to look a teensy dated. I'm going to watch for this one from Gap to go on sale!

-One pair of great jeans that fit and hold the jiggly, postpartum tummy in--I'm trying to decide if I dare splurge on those Madewell high rise flares--they're so expensive at $135-but there's almost nothing more annoying than cheaply-made jeans that don't fit right or sag in the bum or knees.

-One pair of legging-like pants that aren't leggings. Cuz leggings ain't pants. I have a pair of Pixie pants but they're going to be too small. Fo sho, folks. Gap has a pair on sale right now I might order just to try...

-One great pair of super comfortable slip-on sneakers to wear with everything. I have some laced Vans that I love, but if I'm doing a lot of babywearing, I will want some slip ons I can put on quickly to run after my toddler. I love the black--but that's just me.

-One pair of cute, patterened flats. I don't really tend to wear many patterns, but I love these shoes. They're not the most comfortable but they are really cute and go with everything. I wear them a lot.

-One or two (or three) nursing-friendly, casual day dresses to throw on and look instantly put together.

-One cute, trendy sweatshirt to wear alone or over a cami or button down.

-One interesting, different tee shirt (I am a stripe addict) in a swingy, slightly cropped shape I can wear over a nursing or shaper cami.

-Three casual tees for everyday. I love my Everlane tees for this; they don't pill or lose their shape and are really reasonably priced. And they are deliciously comfortable and drapey in the right places.

-A button down. the chambray button down will be worn as a top AND a jacket. I did this earlier on in my pregnancy when I wasn't GINORMOUS and it was cute.

-I don't need them but I really, really want those cutout booties! These could be worn almost year round. They're reasonably priced too.

       -And last, but not least, a great baby bag. I LOVE this bag and will use it long after I'm done having kids. Other than this, I have 2 coach purses--one I've carried for 5+ years and still love, and the other I've had for more than a year and love it just as much. So the price tag is worth it if you think cost-per-wear!

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