Monday, February 2, 2015

I'm back!

So, it's been awhile. Blogging just didn't seem worth my time and life got in the way--a second pregnancy (yay!) with 3 months of morning sickness (not yay!) followed by a cross-country move from very populous Northern VA to a much, much smaller town in middle Georgia for hubby's job. Honestly, it's been hard...I miss living in a big city so much.

Honestly though, the biggest reason why I gave up up blogging is because there are so many amazing lifestyle and fashion blogs out there and I can't ever compete with my limited resources. But I'm realizing that's not the point. I think I need to be REAL and be ME, and not care about the rest. There are plenty of fashion blogs that have beautiful settings, photography and clothing, but not many that are real-life. Do those women ever wear ugly pajamas, have a bad hair day, or step out of the house in a spit-up stained sweatshirt?
yes. the other reason why I haven't kept up with blogging. 

So here's there good old not-perfect iPhone and mirror shot (sorry about the shower background) and yes, I'm VERY pregnant with our second boy! 37 weeks and feeling like I'm literally about to pop! I can't wait to get this baby OUT of my body. I'm tired, uncomfortable and feeling SO ugly. And I can't wait to wear regular clothes again...I'm too big to be pregnant cute and most of my clothes is much too small for my giant belly I'm back in my good old standby leggings and tee shirt just about 24/7. Poor husband. I just have no motivation to look cute and I don't even really care at this point--all I want is comfy. My doc has told me this little dude will probably be a week or two early--so we'll see!

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